Friday, March 11, 2011

Bunny Tales

We decided to take out the big cypress bush that separates our property from our Santariano neighbors. Matt cut down the branches, and I was up this morning cutting them into more manageable pieces. I looked up from my work to see Babs come around the corner of our back fence.

How in the world did Babs get out? So I followed her, offering her favorite foods - the thick stems of barnyard grass, the flower buds of arugula. She sniffed them, but didn't eat, didn't allow me to get close enough to pick her up. Still, she wasn't afraid of me, just led me at a leisurely hop from the neighbor's yard to their parked truck back under the tree at the property line, into our yard and back, in a little pingpong route. I could see where she'd dug the dirt up under the fence right on the other side of where her hutch is in the garden, but it didn't look like there was a hole all the way through. How on Earth did she get out?

Finally, she gave up and let me catch her. I brought her back to our backyard to put her in her hutch, but she was already there! This was another bunny, the same size, with the same black and white markings, lacking only the kiss on her forehead that the real Babs has.

So right now she is enjoying hay and water in Mya's dog crate. I kind of wish I had some emergency pellets on hand. Now we just have to find her owner.

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