Monday, October 24, 2011

Harvest Monday - October 24th

I've pulled out most of my summer plants - all but one of the tomatoes, the melon, the beans (which never really produced anyway). All that's left as I turn things over to fall crops are:

the lovely bell-pepper shaped, small tomatoes of unknown variety. I love them and am saving seed, which I'll happily share. Here are 20 tomatoes, weighing in at about a pound total. They are quite meaty for a tomato of this size. They got good reviews in my office tomato tasting (I don't like the flavor of fresh tomatoes). I love them dried.

I got 2 lb 3 oz of eggplants off the two plants and they are still producing like mad. The variety is Kyoto, purchased as seedlings. I will try to save seed from them as well.

2 lb 5 oz of Pool Ball summer squash. I'm pretty sure this is a hybrid but I'm saving seed anyway to see if I can craft an open pollinated version. I love this squash and will grow it again if I can. It's a world away from zukes or yellow crooknecks. Delicious and smooth, not at all watery.

I used some of the squash, a sundried tomato sausage, and a can of my own chopped tomatoes with garlic, herbs, and wine, to make this for dinner. It was divine.

Last, but not least, I've been enjoying all the visitors to my garden. Most of my neighbors (my lot is very urban) employ pest control companies. I like to think of my yard as a haven for any bugs that make it out safely.

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