Monday, May 23, 2011

Harvest Monday May 23

There was not much harvesting going on in my garden this week. These radish pods, which went into another bento, were from last week. Still yummy, though. Cooking takes the heat out of them. The hot weather lately has made the pods really spicy!

This did come from my garden, though. The first garlic bulb I've harvested this year (other than green garlic). I didn't wait for it to cure, just cleaned it, quartered it, and tossed it into a pot with some rosemary and my two farmers market artichokes. I will have those for dinner tonight. It smells divine in the kitchen right now.

This was the most exciting harvest of the week. Our awesome neighbors let us come over and pick cherries from their tree. Some were gobbled up immediately. Some I gave to my mom. The rest (about 13 lbs) got mashed up and are in the process of becoming wine.

The most exciting news of the week: Babs kindled today, while I was at work. Before I left in the morning, she was carrying around a mouthful of hay obsessively. While I was gone, she finished up her nest, lined it masterfully with fur, and had her babies. I counted at least three, but she seemed kind of upset with me, so I didn't dig around any further. She seems to be doing just fine as a mommy, but I'll keep a close eye on her.

This week's totals:

13 lbs cherries from neighborhood tree

2.5 oz garlic

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  1. Great find on the cherries! Very nice-looking garlic!