Monday, February 14, 2011

Harvest Monday 2/14/11

I had to restart my garden this November. Most of last year, I had my vegetable garden in the side yard, outside the backyard fence, where my dogs couldn't dig it up. Then a neighbor complained about the messy look of it and the city made me mow it down.

So. My lovely husband made me a sturdy garden fence in the backyard to keep the dogs out, but it wasn't up until prettty late in the year, so all I have growing now is some pretty small greens. Still, there were enough to harvest this week. There was a total of 12.5 oz of mixed Red Russian kale, Tai Sai Chinese cabbage, and arugula. The bunch below went into our dinner tonight.

The next photo is a local harvest, from the orange tree in my sister's backyard. My husband estimates we picked about 60 lbs. Beautiful.

Those oranges were juiced and filtered into a carboy for orange wine. It looks dayglo orange, doesn't it?


  1. Your kale looks awesome! I'm glad to hear you were able to relocate your garden. Growing your own food is such a joy!

  2. Orange wine? That I've never heard of before. But I guess I've heard of other non-grape fruit wines like plum and peach, so why not orange. You will have to post how it tastes.

  3. I'm so glad you got your garden re-situated. That orange wine looks very interesting!